636x460design_01As a veteran to games in general I am going to give some general tips and tricks at succeeding in the Massive Multiplayer Online gaming community. This will not make you the best of players, but it is general enough to make you have an overall understanding of all the MMO genre has to offer.

We don’t all have to be hardcore players to play at a hardcore level. Simply put, we need to become one with our avatar. So how is this done? You could go the long way and use trial and error like the old days when that was all you could do, or you could use the short cuts around you to make yourself stand up next to those hardcore players.

Hardcore players have the best gear, some are elitist, others just have nothing better to do with their time. But it is not because they have a ton of time that put them further ahead of the rest. If you had a stick and decided to beat a pinata over and over, sooner or later candy is going to burst out from the hole you just made. This is a lot like what hardcore guilds, clans, and brigades do, and a select few in these groups of people are actual good solid gamers. There are three major things, in my opinion, that make a player, a gamer.


Now this is not literal, I know most MMORPG‘s offer the ability to gather items and hunt, but I mean this a bit more metaphorically. When I say gathering, I mean gather cabelas.bgh.01.lgitems and gear that will make you shine, anything helps. For Example, World of Warcraft or Everquest, think about enchantments or adornments, potions or consumables, trinkets and procs (Programmed Random Occurrences). Things like this that make everything a bit easier and really push your parse to the next level.

Hunters are patient, some can wait for hours, even days for a kill. You want this patience when it comes to finding what you need. In the old days you would have to wait for a spawn, wait in line for a kill, or even have .0002% drop rates. Since the rush of casual players to the gaming community they have eased up so waiting is not as long, but you still have to wait some times. It is good practice to run zones over and over and it is excellent to PUG (pick up groups). Now some guild frown upon this, others see it as an insult when their guildies, or clanmate are running zones without them. But as a hunter gatherer and as a skilled player, pugging is a useful tool. But why? Well lets say you are in a guild of players you really like playing with, and the leader of said guild forbids you to play in other groups. You, the player, will get used to who you play with, you will understand your fellow players and you will know how to take mobs down as a team. Sounds great right? Wrong, this is a common misconception. Take a second and imagine you are in a gym, and in the gym  you only use three machines every time you go there, it seems to be effective for a while, but as time goes on your body gets used to this and starts to slack. This is the same idea behind pugging vs non pugging. Pugging allows you to change situations every time you enter the said area to fight the said boss, it increases your reaction skills when someone messes up and allows you to always be alert. As a Pick up player you learn to expect the unexpected.

Sir Jumps A Lot

I get asked this question probably the most out of any question in every game I play…..Why do you jump around so much? Surely you have seen players doing this, but what are your thoughts on it? And why do they do it?

Hand-eye coordination  is something that helps you play and move like a pro, and jumping helps you exercise this. But how?  Most of those jumpers look like fools…. Watch them, there is a method to their madness, for some of them anyway. Here is what I do, and I will use Everquest guild halls as template for what I like to do, but you can use this in any game. My guild hall in Everquest 2 is decorated so very nice (Because of my lovely girlfriend and her artistic touch), lots of carpets and obstacles (couches, tables, chairs, etc.) to give you something to jump on!  I turn it into a game, don’t touch the floor, EVER! Sounds easy enough right? That is because it is.

If you practice this for 5 minutes when you are standing around  it could help you become slightly faster to give you that edge against the toughest mobs and jump over those pesky obstacles the developers might throw at you. You ever notice how there are some players in your guild or clan that just never get hit by those AoE‘s, or those planted colors on the ground where the mob is about to swing? This is because they have amazing hand-eye coordination.

One thing you don’t want to do is just jump around, this doesn’t help anything really. Give yourself a small goal, try to land on that crack, jump on the ledge, land on that pointed flag thing, fly through those branches and try not to touch the leaves. Now go forth and give it a shot.

Become One With Your Avatar

This is a general knowledge tip. You are going to be spending time with this digital being that you created, so show it a bit of respect and understand how it works. One great thing about games that are out is people are always willing to give their two cents on any type of character. Sure some of them know what they are talking about and some of them don’t. “Hey that sandwich tastes really good!” Now you could either take their word for it or try it yourself, maybe it is not the best tasting sandwich. Everyone is different and everything we do might work differently because we move and think differently than anyone else we play with or against. So how do you find your niche in an over played class, or even an underplayed class? Research what others have found out and try it, add your twist, see why it is effective, understand why, or why not, it works or doesn’t work at all for you and your play style.hybrid-mmo-games-argo-character-creation-screenshot

In Conclusion

If you use these simple rules you could become a better player all around. Or you could be very skeptical about what I am saying and just give it a shot, if it doesn’t work for you then try something that works good for you. If you have this mentality you will never stop learning to improve your game play and become a gamer. Play well.



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